Many different cleaning applications have been successfully demonstrated:
  • contamination removal from metals, ceramics, polymers, and glasses

  • particle and stain removal from Si, InP, and GaAs wafers

  • cleaning optics, i.e., coated lenses, laser, IR and UV optics, diamond turned optics

  • sample preparation before surface analysis (Auger, XPS, SIMS) and AFM

  • basic surface science studies

  • general laboratory, production, and cleanroom cleaning

  • substrate preparation

  • manufacturing of many metal and ceramic parts and assemblies

  • cleaning vacuum systems components, bellows, electron and ion optics

  • removing particles from microelectronic and hybrid circuits

  • art cleaning

  • cleaning telescope mirrors

  • and many more



Application examples are found by clicking on the side menu or go to the Example page, or specific application pages for AFM, Telescope, and Art Restoration.