Telescope  Cleaning


Carbon Dioxide Snow Cleaning offers a quick, effective, and inexpensive way to clean large telescope mirrors.  Astronomers have cleaned mirrors ranging in size from several inches up to 25 feet (8 meters).  This application is based upon the low velocity CO2 snow cleaning mode.  Here, we use a larger expansion zone that changes the initial CO2 snow exiting the orifice from a high velocity, small dry ice ,to a large snowflake with a low velocity.  This mode is aimed at removing particles from microns on up and is quite effective.  Organic removal is not likely in this mode.  Furthermore, the working distance is much greater than with the high velocity mode.  Users can operate several feet from the mirror making sure there is no risk of contacting the mirror.


The equipment for this is similar as the high velocity mode but with a different ofice and nozzle assembly.  We use the same hose and on/off gun as shown on the equipment page.but use a smaller orifice that has a larger internal diameter.  This nozzle lets the stream exit into an polymer expansion tube, usually an inch in diameter.  This means the stream striking the mirror will be larger than 1 inch.  Note, we will show a two inch nozzle below, for larger mirror cleaning.  


Below, we show the equipment, provide two videos, and then show the price list.  Note, that universities and research laboratories within the US can qualify for discounts.


Equipment and Prices

The basic low velocity CO2 snow cleaning system is based upon the equipment for the standard K1-10 shown on the equipment page.  We leave off the asymmetric Venturi nozzle and add the simpler low velocity nozzle and expansion zone tube.  Overall, the image below, shows the various items for the low velocity and high velocity CO2 snow cleaning modes.  Demonstration videos are below

Large Area Snow Unit Model K1-10LASU-C
Slot Nozzle

CO2 Telescope Units

1 – K1-10LASU-A – Basic model with CO2 cylinder fitting, hose (10 feet), on/off gun, and one nozzle and tube for telescope cleaning -- $1095.00


2 – K1-10LASU-B - Basic model with CO2 cylinder fitting, hose (10 feet), on/off gun, and three CO2 nozzles and two tubes for telescope cleaning -- $1295.00


3 – K1-10LASU-C – Basic Telescope unit and Precision cleaning unit – This unit is a K1-10 for precision cleaning, with the telescope cleaning nozzle and tube added (LASU-A).  -- $2,395.00.  There are also high and low flow nozzles for the precision cleaning mode.



Pressure gauge (PG) – 0 – 2000 psi (0- 75 bars) on a TEE by the CO2 cylinder fitting -- $200.00


Filter F1 - Stainless Steel filter rated at 0.5  placed before the handgun -- $100.00

Solenoids, pneumatics, and actuators are available.too.  Please email for information.  

SLT-2 --Slot Telescope Nozzle – 5 cm (2”) CO2 snow stream - Add on to any of the above units -- $1395.00.  The stream expands to about 6 – 7 cm (3 - 4 inches) at normal working distance.


SLT-4 --Slot Telescope Nozzle – 10 cm (4”) CO2 snow stream - Add on to any of the above units -- $1895.00.  The stream expands to about 15 – 17 cm (about 6-7 inches) at normal working distance.


The next image shows the entire K1-10LASU-A.  We added the foam insulation and a support piece to all units now for better support.  A grounding cable is included.

Large Area Snow Unit Model K1-10LASU-A
One Inch Expansion Tube
Two Inch Slot Nozzle