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CO2 Snow Jet Cleaning

The CO2 snow jet cleaning process removes micron and submicron particles from surfaces at high efficiencies and also removes hydrocarbon-based contamination. CO2 snow cleaning is nondestructive, nonabrasive, residue-free, and produces no chemical waste.



Many different cleaning applications have been successfully demonstrated:

  • contamination removal from metals, ceramics, polymers, and glasses;

  • particle and stain removal from Si, InP, and GaAs wafers;

  • sample cleaning before thin film deposition;

  • cleaning optics, i.e., coated lenses, laser, IR and UV optics, fiber optics;

  • sample and standard preparation before surface analysis (Auger, XPS, AFM, and nanoprobes);

  • general laboratory, production, and cleanroom cleaning;

  • substrate preparation of all kinds

  • cleaning vacuum system components including electron and ion optics, bellows, complex machined parts;

  • removing particles from microelectronic and hybrid circuits;

  • telescope mirrors and large optics;

  • art restoration and cleaning, restoration after fires;

  • and many more



The price list here is for precision cleaning applications.  Equipment related to telescope mirror cleaning and art conservation are on those pages.  All units use the same asymmetric venturi nozzle.


Standard Units are the simplest and easiest way to get started. They can address both general and critical cleaning problems. These units come with a CO2 cylinder fitting, either a 5 or 10 foot hose, an on/off gun, and two stainless steel nozzles: The asymmetric venturi is on the unit and the reduced flow nozzle in the directions. 


K1-05.....Standard unit with a five foot hose.....$1995

K1-10.....Standard unit with a ten foot hose.....$2045


We also manufacture a "large area" snow attachment to the standard unit.  These are discussed on the Telescope page.

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High Purity Units are intended for critical cleaning applications. These units include CO2 a cylinder fitting, PTFE lined stainless steel flexible hose, an electropolished stainless steel 90 degree on/off valve, and two nozzles: the asymmetric venturi is on the unit and the reduced flow nozzle in the directions.  The K4 units are also available with VCR or VCO type fittings on the valve.


K4-05.....High Purity Unit with 5 foot hose..........$2095

K4-10.....High Purity Unit with 10 foot hose........$2145


Semi-automated Units - Solenoid Units - allow for potential automation or manual control.  K4-10S has a high pressure solenoid valve (24 VDC power supply and footswitch) with compression fittings substituted for the electropolished stainless steel packless valve. This allows for operation with only one hand.

K4-10S.....High Purity Unit with 10 foot hose .....$2595

Leak Valve unit - This unit uses a leak valve to control the flow rate and comes with the venturi and high flow nozzle.  Due to the nature of the leak vale, cooling occurs at the valve and frost will form there.  This is now an add on option for K1 and K4 units.  Dedicated Leak Valve units will be listed soon.

Portable Units

K1-Port..........Standard Unit Portable Unit .........$2195

K4S-Port....Portable Solenoid Controlled Unit .....$2595


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Dual Gas Units

The Dual Gas Unit is a modified High Purity Unit (K4-10S) with the optional nitrogen or compressed gas purge flow co-axial to the dry ice stream. Each flow is controlled by its own valve.. For Model A, there are two solenoids and one footswitch controls the CO2 flow, the other controls the nitrogen flow. For model B, there is a solenoid for the CO2 flow and a manual valve for the dry gas flow.  The dual gas unit comes only with the asymmetric venturi nozzle on the unit.


K6-10DG-A...Dual Gas Model A CO2 Unit...$3695

K6-10DG-B...Dual Gas Model B CO2 Unit...$2995


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Telescope Units 

These units are described on the telescope page, and they are as follows 

K1-10LASU-A – Basic model with one nozzle and tube ............... $1195.00

K1-10LASU-C – Combined Model B and precision cleaning unit....$2495.00

K1-05-LV - Low velocity unit with low flow nozzle .......................$975.00

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Special Nozzles are made for special situations, large areas, inner or outer diameters or other unique geometries. These units are designed custom for most applications, and there are manifolds holding multiple nozzles too.  Please inquire


Cylinder Fittings: Our equipment can be used worldwide. In the US, we supply the CGA320 or CGA716 carbon dioxide cylinder fitting. In Europe, we supply the DIN 6 carbon dioxide cylinder fitting. For Japan, we supply the JIS 22R cylinder fitting. For the UK and its former possessions, we can supply the DIN6 or the BS-8. For countries outside of North America, Europe, and Japan, the purchase order must specify your cylinder fitting selection (CGA320, DIN6, JIS22R, BS-8); There is no extra charge for DIN, JIS, or BS fittings except for the K1 LASU A and B units.



Options include filters, vacuum chucks and pressure gauges. Filters remove particles that can come from the CO2 source and equipment. We recommended adding filters for most cleaning applications. The vacuum chuck holds your samples. The one we offer is for flat samples but many configurations can be made. The pressure gauge, range 0 - 2000 psi, may be required by your safety rules since no regulator is needed. It tells you the pressure in your lines and when the cylinder is nearing empty.


Filter F1 - sintered stainless steel rated at 0.5 microns  ........................................   $135

Filter F3 - sintered stainless steel rated at 0.003 microns  ....................................   $325

Pressure Gauge (PG)  0-2000 psi on TEE attached - K1 ($200) or K4 ($250)

Leak Valve (LV) for variable flows .............................................................................$300


Demo Units are available - call for details. Within US only

The above prices are valid as of Dec. 31, 2023

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