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Art restoration and cleaning art is covered on the Art page.  This page is for soot from fires


CO2 Snow Cleaning can be used to clean items after soot deposits from fires. There are several factors to consider, the major two are: 1 - How hot did the item get, and 2 - Can the item withstand cleaning process.


Soot has been removed from items after exposure to fires. We found by testing that if the item got "hot enough," the soot can react with some substrates. If the soot reacts, all the overlayers will be removed, but inspection can reveal residuals invinsible to the eye. At lower temperature, all the soot is removed. At present, we will test items for you and are considering a contract cleaning service. We can give more details in email. We had a kitchen incident a long time ago and a frying pan bottom got scroched, badly. Cleaning with CO2 led to soot removal easily and quickly. The photo pair on the bottom shows the before and after effects.

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